It is possible for workers of industrial sites to be exposed to explosive substances or flammable material quite often. The exposure means that there is a constant danger to the well-being of the employee and the risk of fire-related injuries. It is why every worker should be taught, trained and prepared for fire emergencies. Furthermore, they should be educated on the prevention of burns and how to medically treat it at the site.

Some Necessary Steps An Industrial Worker Must Take

• The first step to first-aid is to recognise the type of burn sustained and then know how to treat it correctly.
• They should be able to tell if the injury was thermal or electrical. The treatment may vary depending upon this.
• Knowing the extent of the burn is crucial. Broadly there are three classifications of wounds based on severity:

o First degree: these are the least severe burns because most of them are superficial.
o Second degree: these are at a median severity.
o Third degree: these are the most severe burns because they happen to all layer of the skin.

• If the burn is third degree, then emergency services should be called by the workers. Till they arrive, use a moist bandage or wet cloth to cover the burns and keep it cool. Also, ensure that the burnt worker is breathing and able to move.

Treatment is one end of the spectrum; the other is the prevention of all fire. Thus, every workplace should be evaluated for fire risk. Then measures should be taken to combat any related incidents. For example, employers should install a worksite with fire hazard equipment plus train the employees in their use. Furthermore, a worker should also be made aware of:

• Areas that are particularly exposed to fire, e.g., flammable liquid storage sections.
• Position of the emergency exits
• Where the fire response equipment is kept, e.g., fire extinguishers, buckets of sand and monitoring machinery.
• Which sections of the building are going to need the response services the most.

The process of analysing fire hazard possibilities, educating employees and training them in the correct response is crucial to keeping not only the property and assets safe but the lives of the workers too. Therefore, every industrial site should take the required steps to fulfil it and make employees aware of at least the primary medical treatment steps for burns.

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