Importance of Fire Apparatus Checks

The fire department of every city wants to keep their fleet ever ready in case an emergency strikes out. Fire Apparatus Service is needed to make sure that your fire fighting vehicles remain intact with all their systems working properly. This is necessary to ensure that they are capable of fighting a fire when the need be. Since it is a regular requirement, usually a fire department contracts a service provider for routine maintenance. The same company looking into your vehicles gives them an understanding of what could go wrong with your fleet. Also, it is cost effective to have the same company do it for you.

A reliable service provider will provide you with EVT verified employees who will be capable of dealing with any small or bi requirement of your fleet. A company that goes that extra mile to serve you is the one you need to find for yourself. In the past one decade, many companies have come up that specialises in servicing firefighting fleet. You need to choose one that can take the responsibility pretty well. They must comprehend your needs to serve you well. Plus the budget is also a matter of grave concern. Regular service needs are budgeted correctly for the benefit of both the parties.

Many companies take-up regular inspection and discuss the findings with the client. It is a 150 point inspection, carefully designed process to cover up all the features of a fire fighting truck. This service will provide a thorough check on the condition of the vehicle. A careful examination will help you identify if there is an alarming situation. Apart from the regular checkups, another cost incurred is the labour cost to do the repairs and refurbishment. With the aid of a specialised company to take care of your fire truck, you can focus on the primary skills. Keep up with your training and work and just forget about the vehicle maintenance.

List of Services That Provide To Your Fire Truck

A company would offer you a list of services it can provide to your fire truck. The list would include services like:

  • Driveline, Chassis and Engine service
  • Hydraulics troubleshooting
  • Aerial Repairs
  • Generator service
  • Electrical system troubleshooting
  • Interiors
  • Fire control and pumps

These are only an overview of the inspection; the actual service goes much beyond the listed items. The thing with regular maintenance is that it will enhance the life of your fire truck. Without routine support, you never know when the system will break down in the hours of need. You can consult your contractor to provide regular pump service, plumbing service, ladder fabrication and regular valve maintenance services.

The water system and ladders are essential for a fire fighting truck. Everything else that operates it from the background plays an important role too. Sometimes a small problem in the valve system or the pipes can lead to a significant loss to the people you need to save. Hence people undertake regular maintenance contract. After some time when the truck becomes a total cost centre as it is demanding more repairs, you can think of remounting it. Refurbishment of a fire truck will save you a decent amount of money. It will be as good as a new truck which would have cost you much more.

Apart from the core requirement that is the fire fighting truck, ambulances are also critical that is provided by the fire department. You can hire a company that can look after both of them. Many service providers work for ambulance remounting as well. By employing such a company, you will save costs by maintaining two of the fire department vehicles. A company must be capable of providing the service both, in a free way or in-house. You never know when you might need service midway when returning from an incident.

A refurbishment is not all about saving money. It is about the reusability of resources that would otherwise go for a complete waste. We are living in a world where there is a considerable requirement for reuse, recycle and repair. Why not contribute towards it by doing a simple act from our side. Everybody can make their contribution and similarly a fire department can use refurbished vehicles to prevent unnecessary waste. The beautiful thing is they save money while they do it.

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