Why Are Safety Signs Important in the Workplace?

There is a reason why industrial safety signs are commonly used in manufacturing and production plants. They are meant to protect and promote the safety of :

  • Operators
  • Workers
  • Passers-by

The signs inform a person that the area, equipment or material kept nearby is harmful and dangerous. Because industries vary, the signs that they need also differ. It can be a little challenging to understand which safety signs should be utilised in which area. In this article, we take a look at some of the typical industrial signs.

Classification of Signs Based on Primary Usage

In most cases, a sign can be categorised depending upon its primary use which is divided into 3 hazard levels :

1. Danger Signs: They alert that an injury or death will occur if the immediate hazard is not avoided.
2. Warning Signs: They indicate an average level of danger which means the likelihood of injury or death is possible, if not avoided.
3. Caution Signs: They represent that minor damage may occur if the hazardous situation is not avoided. They indicate the lowest hazard level.

Safety signs based on hazard level are just the first way of division. They include numerous other signs. Some of them have been elucidated below. Please note that a symbol can be used for dual purposes; their message need not be limited to the one explained here.

  • Notice Signs: They do not alert a person of any injury and are meant to communicate information connected to:

o Equipment
o a building
o area
o machine

  • General Safety Signs: These are put up to give out vital safety instructions and procedures. For example:

o sanitation
o housekeeping
o medical equipment
o rules and practices for first aid

  • Fire Safety Signs: They are utilised to label the location of emergency equipment like fire extinguishers. Such signs are meant to demarcate the area where life-saving tools are kept in case of a fire or how to exit the location. They are not inclusive of operative directions for safety equipment.
  • Biological Hazard Signs: They represent that the worker is in the presence of a biohazard or a potential one. They also aid in identifying objects such as tools, equipment, and containers which can pose a risk to worked if contaminated with viable hazardous agents.

Besides those listed above, there are a few more industrial safety symbols which indicate the kind of hazard a material or substance poses to people nearby.

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