How To Protect Buildings From Fire Explosion?

In most cases, like residences, the priority is to evacuate people and keep them from harm when a fire occurs. Two other focuses are:

• Finding a solution that works with sophisticated construction measures.
• Integrating firefighting solutions into the building for future use.

But when it comes to industries or unique buildings like museums, the initial thought is to safeguard physical assets. These assets could be:

• Machines
• Electronics
• Rare books
• Products
• Systems

Plus, there has to be a system in place that ensures the downtime after a fire occurs is not too long. In this write-up, we explain why high-pressure mist technology is an excellent technique of fire safety for:

• Offices
• Hotels
• Hospitals
• Museums
• Archives

For public buildings keep people are a priority is the right strategy, but for spaces listed above, a more nuanced approach is needed. These buildings contain unique works of art, books that are rare, cultural and religious proofs which cannot be lost to the ravages of fire. Or the entire building itself could be heritage and of immense value.

How does water mist fight against fire without damaging such buildings?

• Water damage remains minimal because the mist system uses 10% of the total water utilised by average sprinkler systems. Since less water is required, there is lesser damage. It also signifies that the repair and restoration that needs to be done is not much with an affordable cost. Furthermore, the downtime or interruption to operations is drastically reduced.
• The mist has a cooling effect and therefore decreases thermal radiation which allows people to escape before it gets too hot.
• Even tall buildings can be protected through the system with one pump unit installed in the basement because of the high pressure. The height of the building can be equal to a TV tower.
• For places like hotels, a conventional firefighting system is bulky and unseemly. The mist protection solution is compact, simple and aesthetically pleasing. Thus, it integrates seamlessly into place. Moreover, they can be installed in existing or new buildings.

Fire is a hazard that strikes unexpectedly. Being prepared for is not just a requirement but essentiality. While the life of a human is always the most valuable element, there are incidences where other things hold significance too. For such places as an archive building or an IT centre that store private data of millions, a high-pressure mist system is a reliable option.

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