Industrial fire and explosions occur due to many reasons. This can result in fire accidents in the workplace and industries which causes fatal death and severe burns. It is said that the majority of fire accidents occur in industries and manufacturing properties. It is important to know about the common causes of industrial fires and explosions.

What are the Causes for the Industrial Fire Explosion?

Combustible Dust

This is the primary cause of the industrial fire which is deadly, and it is at high risk. Combustible dust is flammable materials that when coming into contact with ignition source which results in a fire. This can result in small fires, and this may even result in loss of products. Causing immense damage and fatalities is possible. Specific measures should be followed to prevent combustible dust. Know about the regulations, rules, and facilities to prevent accidents due to combustible dust.

Hot Work

This is an essential work in an industry that includes welding, torch cutting, brazing, soldering, etc. This can result in fire accidents as the spark from the hot work can result in fire accidents. This is a primary culprit in creating fire accidents. Try to avoid hot work at the maximum to prevent fire accidents. It is essential to know about the hazards of hot work so that you would try hard to prevent it. Make sure a professional supervises the hot work so that accidents can be avoided.

Flammable Liquids And Gases

This is one of the common causes of fire accidents in industries. This type of fire accidents are often disastrous and can result in dangerous hazards. There are several accidents reported with the use of flammable liquids and gases. It is essential to store the flammable liquids and gases in the right way by following specific procedures. Make use of protective equipment when using flammable liquids and gases.

Equipment Machinery

Defects and repairs in machinery equipment result in fire accidents. Furnaces that are not correctly installed can also result in fire. This would be a significant cause of fire hazard due to friction. There are specific strategies that prevent fire due to equipment and machinery issues.

You must be aware of the hazards due to equipment machinery. Offer training to make use of the machinery and equipment and watch out for the risks. It is essential to keep your machinery and industrial equipment clean and free from dirt and grease. Make sure to maintain the machinery regularly so that it works properly without any issues

Electrical Hazards

Wiring that is exposed is the main reason for the fire hazards in industries. It is essential that you do not overload electrical equipment. Avoid making use of extension cords. Check if the temporary equipment is not plugged in. Make use of antistatic equipment to prevent electrical hazards. Form a reporting system so that electrical fire risk can be reported.

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