Regular Maintainence of Fire Apparatus

Fire apparatus is one of the major requirements by a fire department to fight fire. It is legal obligation of the department to have proper fire apparatus to fight fire during an emergency. The apparatus used by the fire fighters are capable of dousing the big fire. It does not matter how sophisticated your fire apparatus are, they are not usable if they are not operated properly. Training is required for using the fire apparatus like fire extinguishers. The modern, firefighting equipments are made using state-of-art technology and hence some technical knowledge is required to use them.

Types of Fire Extinguishers and its SafetyAll the fire apparatus should be checked routinely for faults and efficiency. For example, the fire extinguishers operate with the help of the pressure-filled inside the cylinder. However, the pressure may decrease over the time due to reasons like the weather. Therefore, it is necessary to check whether the extinguishers are in ideal condition. If not, it should be replaced with an efficient one. This helps the device to stay ready for firefighting anytime.

Electrical hazards can happen anytime, which can also lead to fire accidents. Like maintaining the fire apparatus, it is also important to properly maintain the power system and installation. In case of any power failure, you may use the power back up. Having a power back up helps your office or commercial building to run smoothly without any unwanted interruption. However, the efficiency of the power back up depends on the manufacturer as well.

Inverter Power Backup For Smooth Day to Day Operations

This is the reason why companies and firms wish to have tie-up with reliable UPS manufacturers.

Mr. Chris, who works with a leading UPS manufacturer in Chennai,, interacted with us and has quoted saying “We regularly perform the maintenance activity to ensure that the UPS is ready to handle the emergency power cut anytime. We ensure that the companies are equipped to face challenging scenarios.”

Firefighters also update their equipment to face the challenging scenario and firefighting conditions. For example, according to the link –, Tamil Nadu fire department has purchased advanced apparatus from another country to enhance their firefighting capability.

Firefighting truck is the basic and crucial vehicle for any firefighting department. In earlier days, this vehicle wasInspect the Fire Truck and its Appliances very simple and had only a little equipment. Modern fire trucks accommodate various devices and equipment such as ladder mini-rescues, huge water tank, hose and many more. The firefighting department regularly conducts checks on the truck to ensure that everything is fine to handle any emergency.

Fire Truck Inspection

The fire trucks are inspected based on four areas – exterior, interior, the operations and the equipment. Checking the exterior refers to checking the tire pressure, lights, air break system, license plate and equipment. The interior checking refers to looking into the gauges in the driver dashboard, switches, sirens, air brakes and engine.

Equipment checks refer to checking the apparatus such as circular saws, hydraulic tools, cameras, positive pressure fans, etc.

It is hard to predict the fire emergency in advance. Fire accidents can happen anytime and the damage could be mitigated by the efficient use of the fire apparatus. This is the reason why fire apparatus should always be ready anytime.

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