The recent news of the fire at Notre Dame, Paris has devastated the hearts of millions. The iconic and historical structure has been a part of the city and the world at large for more than eight centuries. The news, while shocking, throws light on a vital issue. Modern day construction and repair works require more than traditional fire safety engineering. In this article, we take a look at why evolved techniques are needed. Then we explore one of the firms that provide fire safety services in Chennai, a metropolitan like Paris.

Impacts of Modern Building Techniques on Firefighting Efficiency, Effectiveness and Safety

The move to more sustainable buildings has made it necessary to leverage construction concepts that are innovative and inventive. It is why there has been a sharp increase in the use of:

  •    Wood for making facades in tall buildings
  •    Combustible insulation materials
  •    More eco-friendly and green facades and roofs
  •    Solar panels and passive housing

While these solutions are great news for the planet, they necessitate a challenge to the conventional methods of fire protection. For example, it was the acres of woodwork (an estimated 1300 trees) surrounding Notre Dame repair that acted as perfect kindling for the fire. The real-life instance proves that there is critical need of:

  •    Advanced fire safety engineering methods that take into consideration modern building procedures.Importance of Fire Fighter and Fire Fighting Equipment
  •    A higher level of quality assurance for fire protection of such buildings.

Besten In Chennai, the best fire protection consultants take care of such issues. Located quite near to the 100ft road, the consultants are known experts in the city for:

  •    Creating fire protection engineering design which is inclusive of specific hazard and risk analyses.
  •    Creating designs of fire protection systems for all types of buildings.
  •    A cost-effective fire protection solution.

They have an integrated team that works on two fronts, experience, and knowledge to ensure that every design they put forward is of high quality. Before offering a fire safety engineering method, they look at the building from various angles and find multiple ways to protect it and its occupants. Besten even appreciates the new challenges modern building techniques have thrown up. It is why they research and then identify the precise safety requirement.

Services Provided By Fire Protection Consultants – Besten

With a multidisciplinary team at hand, they study the flammable characteristics of the building material along with the tolerance of the structure. Taking both into account, Besten demarcates the best possible escape route. A few of their services are:

  •    Fire Pump System Design
  •    Hydrant System Design
  •    Standpipe System Design
  •    Water Supply Analysis
  •    Smoke Management System Design
  •    Special Suppression Systems
  •    Occupancy & Fire Hazard Analysis

In Chennai, they are one of the few fire consultants who keep up with the latest technology and regulations of the fire safety industry. Anyone who is on the lookout for a team of people who care for assets, property, and people can implicitly trust Besten. Their fire protection engineering services are comprehensive and humane. Furthermore, they take into consideration a holistic view and not just a cookie-cutter approach.

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