The range of fire safety equipment ranges wide and far because each one is utilised to fight a different category of fire and in a variety of environments. But some fundamental apparatuses can be installed in most buildings to ensure safety. Here are a few of them:

What are the Fundamental Apparatuses can be Installed ?

  • The most common device that is employed to fight fire is an extinguisher. These are handheld and portable and utilised in several buildings.  A fire extinguisher is made to dowse a small fire that has not spread too far or become too hot to control. Each extinguisher is made of a different agent that combats the fire. In most cases, the fire extinguisher will contain:

o    CO2

o    Foam

o    Water

o    dry powder

o    wet chemical

  • Fire blankets are another necessary accessory that is utilised to combat fires. These are most commonly found in kitchens because they smother Class F fires which are those that happen due to cooking oil or fats. It is why fire blankets are installed in industrial or big kitchens.
  • Water sprinklers are handy systems that can eliminate fires which span a large area. They are usually used in buildings, apartments and large complexes. They require proper design, installation, and maintenance.
  • When a fire is fuelled due to wood, paper, rubber or material that is non-conductive, then fire hose reels are the best equipment. Such fires are called Class A fires. It has to be noted that electrical fires cannot be extinguished with fire hoses because they discharge water. For electrical fires, the apt solution is a CO2 based extinguisher.
  • Smoke alarms are one of the top ways to combat fire because they alert before a fire has grown. This fire safety equipment is mostly installed in domestic and commercial buildings. It has to be noted that smoke alarms are only for detection cannot for extinguishing.  

Besides apparatuses that detect or fight fire, there is one more equipment that is essential for fire safety – a first aid kit. Most often, an aid kit slips the mind, but they can be practical and useful after a fire occurs. Minor injuries can be quickly treated with it and prevent complications. The last aspect of fire safety equipment are signs that direct and control the path of exit from buildings.

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