The Market Of Fire And Safety Equipment In India

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Importance of Fire and Safety Equioment

The main goal of any fire and safety equipment is to save the lives of people and safeguard the property from undesired fires in not just residential areas but also commercial and industrial establishments. There is one more objective of fire safety paraphernalia: to reduce any interruptions that occur in processes and services in case of a fire. With such lofty goals, it is essential to know all about the Indian Fire and Safety Equipment Market. In this brief article, we give an overview of it.

In India, the equipment market for fire and safety is divided into three primary sections:

  1. Fire protection devices: The final frontier against fire and its damage come within this segment. These comprise of any accessory that protects an individual from fire hazards.
  2. Fire detection: Any tools that assist in detecting fire or smoke at an early stage come under this division. The most common examples are smoke sensors and fire alarms.
  3. Firefighting: These are all those equipment which are necessary for defence against fire at a base level. They include devices such as fire extinguishers which are portable.

A Few Statistics Of Fire And Safety Equipment Market

  • The market has a projected growth of more than eight percent from 2016 to 2021 at a CAGR.  This expansion is mainly due to urbanisation, commercialisation, and industrialisation.
  • In the year 2015, the biggest part of the fire and safety equipment market was taken by fire fighting devices. The division had over 60% share of the total market. It grew due to the government’s focus on commercial construction, development of infrastructure and, of course, industrialisation.
  • The demand for city gas distributions, refineries, power plants, and petrochemicals has made the Western part of the country dominate the market of fire safety.
  • As 2021 comes around, the sector that will hold the largest chunk of fire and safety equipment in India will be industrial.

The data given above was concluded from primary and secondary research. With the former taken from interviews with fire and safety equipment manufacturers, distributors and industry experts and latter from financial, annual and proprietary reports published online. More data can be gained by downloading the India Fire and Safety Equipment Market By Type, By End User, Competition Forecast & Opportunities, 2011 – 2021 report.

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