Fire accidents cause severe injury and fatal death. Thus it is essential that you’re aware of the standard fire hazards in houses and public places. Make sure to include the fire safety measures so that you can prevent fire accidents or even escape from it. Several home fire deaths occur due to the absence of fire alarms. There are chances for fire in the winter months. It is also said that people die due to smoke. Cooking and smoking are the primary causes of fire accidents. The following are the fire safety checklist that you should check out.

Checklist For Fire Safety Measures To Be Followed

Install Smoke Detectors

Make sure that you install smoke detectors at the right locations where there is a potential fire hazard at your house. You can install them near your bedroom, kitchen, etc.  It is essential to install smoke detectors on every floor of your house so that you can escape from fire accidents. Check your fire alarm twice a year so that they function correctly throughout the year. Replace the batteries in the smoke detectors regularly. Make sure to replace the fire alarms every ten years.

Follow Fire Prevention Strategy

Know how to handle a fire extinguisher in the kitchen and check it every year for its functioning. It is essential that you teach your children about fire safety. Keep flammable objects out of reach from children so that you can prevent fire accidents. Wear fire retardant clothing in the night. Do not wear loose clothes as they might catch fire easily.

Practice Fire Safety Drills

You must reach out to the emergency number on fire accidents. Come out of the house and then call for help in case of fire accidents. Teach children to stop, roll when their clothes are on fire. This would help to escape from severe burn and put off the fire. Children should be aware of the escape route and educate them on not entering a burning building. The stairways should be free from obstruction so that it is easy to escape in case of fire accidents. Practice fire safety drills in your family every year.

What are the Potential Fire Hazards Around you Every Day ?

Cooking equipment is a potential fire hazard in the kitchen and make sure that you place everything away from the stove. Do not wear loose clothing while cooking as it would catch fire. Store lighters and matches safely and see that it is out of access from children. Inspect your furnaces regularly and keep flammable products away from it. Wood burning stoves should be installed with the right norms. Maintain your chimneys regularly. Make use of kerosene heaters and avoid refilling it with gasoline.

Other Common Fire Hazards

Install proper fuses for your electrical boxes and make use of insulated cords. Be cautious when dealing with gas equipment like lawn mowers, snow mowers, etc. Be careful when using fireworks and do not store them near flammable products.

The above are some of the fire safety measures that you should follow to avoid fire accidents.

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